Troy Williams

At a TEDx event at San Quentin State Prison, Troy Williams spoke on the difficulties of parolees in staying out of prison.

After serving 18 years of a life sentence for kidnap and robbery, Troy Williams was released from San Quentin prison in October, 2014. He is the founding Chairman and CEO of the San Quentin Prison Report, a radio collaboration with KALW. While incarcerated, Troy participated in over 50 self-help, mental health and therapeutic programs. Troy specializes in creating and producing projects designed to convert negative urban experiences into transformative tools for social change. His hard work and dedication were recognized by the Society of Professional Journalists, and in November 2014, in collaboration with Nigel Poor and Holly Kernan, Troy received an Excellence in Journalism Award.

what I've chosen to talk about is what it's like to be released back into a society that is not ready to receive you

How Parolees Are Sentenced to Fail - Troy Williams - TEDxSanQuentin11:42

How Parolees Are Sentenced to Fail - Troy Williams - TEDxSanQuentin

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