Tony Beamer is a repeat offender who shares his fear and struggles as he prepares to be released from prison during at the TEDx In Prisons event at Marion Correctional.

Luckily I get a another chance at life. I leave October 14, 2012 and I'm sitting on my bed saying, "Tone? Are you ready?" I can honestly say the difference between then and now is: I want to be there for my kids. I'm tired of missing Christmases, Thanksgivings and birthdays.

In his talk, Mr. Beamer shares the programs he participated in during his time at Marion Correctional which have helped prepare him for life outside - like W2s, resumes and other key skills. He'll get $75.00 on his release.

Getting Out of a Hard Bed - Tony Beamer - TEDxMarionCorrectional07:12

Getting Out of a Hard Bed - Tony Beamer - TEDxMarionCorrectional

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