Sherman Jackson is 25 years old and from Troutdale, Oregon. He is Lakota, Oglala and aspires to return to his reservation as a drug counselor to help alleviate the drug and alcohol problem. He currently is attending Palo Verde College to obtain not only an AA but to become a drug counselor through the Alcohol and Drug Studies course. His talk “The Youth and Today’s Society,” from the Ironwood State Prison TEDx event, is a piece inspired by events that have transpired in Sherman’s life and the lives of people around him. He believes that the youth of today’s society should have more information about crime, drugs, and their consequences in order to help reduce the rate of incarceration amongst youth.

For me it's the absence of life
The absence of having kids and a wife
Having family that you love and depend on
Having friends that will never steer you wrong
Being able to see the world in all its glory
Being able to have more than just a prison story

Youth and Today's Society - Sherman Jackson - TEDxIronwoodStatePrison04:50

Youth and Today's Society - Sherman Jackson - TEDxIronwoodStatePrison

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