Marquise Clark was born and raised in Los Angeles, the fourth of ten children: seven boys and three girls. He says he has a unique personality behind his many layers and has a kind heart. He has always been energetic and loves helping others when he can. Marquise is a former youth offender who is currently enrolled in college.

His short-term goal is to get his associate degree in business before he goes home. He is in a bittersweet situation of being in Ironwood State Prison. The transformation of a gang member to a law-abiding citizen is in progress after it clicked that Marquise wanted a better life for himself. He knows education is his way out and is grateful for the opportunity.

The transformation that I'm making in my life today, is leading to a better future

In June, 2014, Mr. Clark spoke about his experiences during the TEDx event at Ironwood State Prison.

Grateful for the Opportunity to Be in Prison - Marquise Clark - TEDxIronwoodStatePrison04:40

Grateful for the Opportunity to Be in Prison - Marquise Clark - TEDxIronwoodStatePrison

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