The Lady Lifers are a group of inmates at Muncy State Prison, all of whom have served decades in prison, who use song to tell the story of their lives inside prison. Brenda Watkins is the lead vocalist for The Lady Lifers.

I’m a woman, I’m a grandmother, I’m a daughter, I have a son,
I’m not an angel, I’m not the devil. I came to jail when I was so young.

Hear the Lady Lifers sing their stories (words by Howard Woodring and music by Naomi Blount):

This is Not My Home - The Lady Lifers - TEDxMuncyStatePrison11:27

This is Not My Home - The Lady Lifers - TEDxMuncyStatePrison

The Lady Lifers are a chorus of women serving life sentences in Muncy State Prison in Pennsylvania. While they are often known by their inmate numbers, they also have names: Brenda Watkins, Dannielle Hadley, Debra Lee Brown, Theresa Battles, Diane Metzger, Thelma Nichols, Joann Butler, Lena Brown, Trina Garnett, Naomi Blount. Together, they sing about their hopes and fears, including the very real possibility that they may die alone in prison.

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