At a TEDx in Prisons event at San Quentin State Prison, Juan Carlos Meza and Nate Collins along with others from the San Quentin Shakespeare Group at San Quentin, performed original pieces about friendship and love. They were introduced by Suraya Keating the San Quentin Shakespeare Artistic Director.

Since 2003, Marin Shakespeare Company has offered weekly Shakespeare classes at San Quentin Prison, culminating in an annual performance of a Shakespeare play. The men also write and perform autobiographical theatre pieces inspired by their work with Shakespeare - a process known as "parallel play".

So I encourage you, invent greetings with your friends, come up with new ones and fun ones that show what a person means to you. Make that contact.

Parallel Pays From Prison - Juan Carlos Meza and Nate Collins - TEDxSanQuentin06:59

Parallel Pays From Prison - Juan Carlos Meza and Nate Collins - TEDxSanQuentin

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