Jane Golden is the executive director of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and she spoke at TEDx event at State Correctional Institution at Graterford in 2014 on the topic of the transformational power of art.

In her talk, Golden shares her experiences of direct collaboration with city residents to transform cities using street artists - graffiti writers and muralists. She eventually landed at Graterford State Prison to inspire us all to be aspirational about our ability to create change through art.

here's the deal with problems that are intractable, I believe that when it comes to that, things can change. And often when it comes to those kinds of problems it is the role of innovation and creativity that ultimately will make a difference.

The Transformational Power of Art - Jane Golden - TEDxGraterfordStatePrison14:32

The Transformational Power of Art - Jane Golden - TEDxGraterfordStatePrison

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