Gloria Bridget is a member of the reentry staff at Ironwood State Prison in California who addressed the audience at the TEDx in Prisons event held there in May 2014.

In her youth, Bridget had issues with low self-esteem that led her to have substance abuse issues, most particular with crack cocaine. Upon having the epiphany that she was not a victim of any other oppression than that of her own making, she was able to see the infinite possibilities that life had for her, and pursued higher education. She served on the staffs of several different prisons in California before her current position as a substance abuse counselor at Ironwood.

Ms. Bridget talks about infinite possibilities at Ironwood State Prison in May, 2014:

I know what it is to not feel real good about yourself, that's the reason why know that infinite possibilities are possible, look at me!

Whose Foot Is on My Neck? - Gloria Bridget - TEDxIronwoodStatePrison06:23

Whose Foot Is on My Neck? - Gloria Bridget - TEDxIronwoodStatePrison

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