In her talk, Judging Societies by Women’s Prisons Dr. Salisbury asks people to consider the positive social impacts that can occur by adopting policies and procedures in prisons that start with women in mind. Given that women inmates are oftentimes dismissed or ignored among prisons systems, Salisbury illustrates the social and legal consequences of placing policies on women inmates that were originally designed for men. Fortunately, gender-responsive strategies exist to help agencies adopt more effective policies, creating a safer society for all of us.

When we start with women in mind, we begin to see that, on the whole, they're not nearly as dangerous and violent as men. Their crimes are primarily driven by economic and addition factors and usually don't include violence against others. This of course doesn't mean women are not capable of violence but what it does mean is that it takes more provocation/more instigation for women to become violent and when they do it's often times in the context of a relationship characterized by intimate partner abuse and victimization characterized as self defense.

Judging Societies by Women’s Prisons - Emily Salisbury - TEDxWashingtonCorrectionsCenterforWomen11:12

Judging Societies by Women’s Prisons - Emily Salisbury - TEDxWashingtonCorrectionsCenterforWomen

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