Debra Germany is the mother of a son who was murdered. Her son Raymond was a drug dealer. "I didn't raise my son to be a drug dealer, but it was never enough." Raymond was killed during a "drug deal gone bad" and all she's left with is what she was told by the police about his death. In the 13 years since his death, none of Raymond's friends ever reached out to her.

Ms. Germany spoke at the TEDx in Prisons event at Graterford State Prison and urged us all to "respond differently" because only God can take tragedy and turn it in to triumph.

Life is precious. I believe the most precious gift a person can give you is time. So, I stood before God and I said, 'God, whatever time I got left, I'm going to spend it serving you first and restoring the lives of others.

Respond Differently - Debra Germany - TEDxGraterfordStatePrison14:48

Respond Differently - Debra Germany - TEDxGraterfordStatePrison

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