Craig Datesman is incarcerated in Graterford State Prison. He asks, "How do you tell someone how sorry you are for doing something that can never be undone?" In his talk at the TEDx In Prisons event at Graterford State Prison, Craig Datesman shares a poem called "Remorse" about the healing power of forgiveness and his journey since committing murder. How can he apologize to the family of the person he killed decades ago? Why?

I have found that all you can do is to try and live an honorable life and to keep searching for ways to become a better human being. Someone who is worthy of redemption. And you continue to pray that one day you'll be given the chance to meet with the family from whom you took so much.

Remorse - Craig Datesman - TEDxGraterfordStatePrison09:53

Remorse - Craig Datesman - TEDxGraterfordStatePrison

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