In his talk at Washington Corrections Center for Women in March, 2015, Mr Hubert talks about his professional experiences and acknowledges the differences in working with male and female offenders. He promotes a shift in thinking.

Women seem to be more data oriented and want to ask and share a lot more information (than men). Not good or bad - just different. Research shows that female offenders are far more likely than males to be emotionally, physically and sexually victimzed and exploited. Now, knowing tht most of the abuse is perpetrated by men, I need to be mindful of that in my interactions with them. From what I say to how I say it...Many studies agree that men and women have different pathways to crime. Women are more likely to become involved in the criminal justice system due to poor coping strategies delaing with poverty and abuse and often have a lot of chemical dependencies issues. Also, men's prisons don't tend to have children living there.

What’s the Difference? - Chris Hubert - TEDxWashingtonCorrectionsCenterforWomen10:35

What’s the Difference? - Chris Hubert - TEDxWashingtonCorrectionsCenterforWomen

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